April 6, 2017

Video: Kitec Plumbing

In this video, I find a different member of the Kitec Plumbing family that may cause issues down the road. I also reveal a list of
October 16, 2017

Why to use a PHPIC Inspector

Steve Pockett (nhi, phpi) and HMP Home Inspections is a certified member of PHPIC – Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada. When choosing a home
October 31, 2017
Georgetown Home Inspections - HMP Home Inspections

8 Things Every Home Inspection Checklist Should Include

When you pick a home inspector, it’s important to understand what your home inspector should be looking for. You don’t need to understand the extreme technicalities
March 14, 2018

Hiring a Home Inspector

Buyer? Seller? Yes – you need a home inspector! Hiring a Home Inspector is a task that most first-time home buyers aren’t familiar with. It is