Frequently Asked Questions

  • HMP recommends that all clients attend the home or building inspection to benefit from the information given at the time of the inspection. You will be able to understand the written Horizon PDF report much easier if you have walked through the inspection first-hand through the inspector’s eyes.

  • The average inspection can take approximately two to three hours depending on the size, condition, and age of the property.

  • Yes. At the end of every inspection, HMP will provide the client with a detailed written Horizon PDF report. This report includes images from the inspection, issues and concerns, and is an informative and valuable resource for future reference. Read more about HMP Horizon Reporting

  • Yes. Every HMP home or building inspection includes the use of the powerful FLIR Infrared Imaging camera to detect issues that are not visible to the naked eye. Read more about HMP Infrared Inspections

  • You may book an inspection at any time. HMP is available 7 days a week to meet your needs and busy schedule.

Our preferred method of booking an inspection is by calling us directly at (905) 457-8602. We can help make your decision much easier, and you’ll be able to get an instant response.

You may also contact us through email at [email protected], or Request a Quote by filling out your information and details of the home online.

If you have any pre-existing concerns about the home that is being inspected, make a quick checklist prior to the day of the inspection and notify HMP when we arrive. We will be able to recommend solutions and provide information about the issue(s).

Our inspectors hold either a national certificate for home inspections in Canada (N.H.I) or have a membership standing with The Ontario Building Officials Association (O.B.O.A).

HMP Home Inspections also holds certifications and memberships with industry standard inspection companies to ensure all inspecting practices are ensured. View all Certifications