HMP: Commercial Drone UAV Certified!

HMP: Commercial Drone UAV Certified!

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HMP Home Inspections and Steve Pockett are now certified by the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre for Commercial UAV Piloting for Drone Inspections. Regulations surrounding drones and the safety measures to be aware of when flying are starting to become standard, and it’s important that your home inspector is able to safely operate a UAV drone to prevent any damages to property or people. Make sure your inspector is truly certified!

Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre is one of the largest professional flight schools in Canada. They specialize in aviation, and have great knowledge of UAVs and drones. The course that HMP took allows us to safely operate under Transport Canada‘s Exemptions (under 1kg or 1-25kg) or under your Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). The course is Transport Canada compliant, which means the course covers the materials outlined as necessary by their knowledge document TP15263.

HMP Home Inspections is an advocate for proper training and up-to-date certifications to ensure you are served at a level that meets or exceeds the industry standard for home inspections. You can read more about HMP’s Certifications here.

Information about this course:


  • WWFC Instructors are licensed flight instructors (commercial pilots) and Aircraft Mechanics.
  • External instructors bring years of commercial UAV/drone flying experience to you.
  • WWFC closely follows TC and industry developments.
  • WWFC is a member of Unmanned Systems Canada and partnered with several UAV manufacturers.
  • Our intensive program is designed to introduce operators to the range of scope of the two categories of UAV exemptions (under 1kg or from 1-25kg).
  • Current regulation through Transport Canada (TC) requires most UAV operators to obtain a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) to operate a UAV for commercial purposes.
  • Training will provide the knowledge and resources required to operate a UAV safely and in compliance with TC requirements.

Topics covered:

  • Airspace
  • Theory of flight as it applies to quadcopters
  • Air law
  • Navigation
  • Mission planning and site surveys
  • Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)
  • Operating under exemptions
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • UAV maintenance
  • Interpretation of Aeronautical Chart
  • UAV Control Systems
Steve Pockett

Steve Pockett

Steve Pockett (RHI, NHI) is the owner of HMP Home Inspections and has 20+ years of expertise with home and building inspections. Nationally certified by many leading inspection organizations and agencies, Steve and HMP are able to provide educational and informative inspections that exceed industry standards using leading technologies. Looking for an inspection? Contact us!

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