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February 9, 2017
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October 16, 2017
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Video: Kitec Plumbing

In this video, I find a different member of the Kitec Plumbing family that may cause issues down the road. I also reveal a list of Kitec plumbing products to look for in your home.

The Kitec plumbing system consists of blue and orange flexible piping and brass fittings, used to carry cold and hot water through a home. Kitec was sold under various brand names, including Kitec, PlumbBetter, IPEX, AQUA, WARMRITE, Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, XPA, KERR Controls and Plomberie Amelioree.

Avoid a plumbing and piping leak or burst! Read this story about the Kitec plumbing recalls, piping bursts, and lawsuit / settlement

Steve Pockett
Steve Pockett
Steve Pockett (nhi, phpi) is the owner of HMP Home Inspections and has 20+ years of expertise with home and building inspections. Nationally certified by many leading inspection organizations and agencies, Steve and HMP are able to provide educational and informative inspections that exceed industry standards using leading technologies.