Radon: Is it in your home? HMP can find out.

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from uranium in the ground that can get into your home undetected. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it. All homes have some level of radon. The question is how much and the only way to know is to test. In confined spaces like a house, radon can build up to high levels and over time become a health risk. The current Canadian guideline for radon is 200 becquerels per cubic meter (200 Bq/m3).


HMP - Corentium Pro

HMP uses the Corentium Pro to test for Radon.

The Corentium Pro samples indoor air through a passive diffusion chamber, using alpha spectrometry to precisely calculate the radon level. Radon is detected using silicon photodiodes to both count and measure the energy of alpha particles resulting from the decay chain of radon gas. The instrument is calibrated to reference instruments in accredited laboratories, and is C-NRPP certified. HMP can provide responsive graphs transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Radon exposure is the number two cause of lung cancer, after smoking. 16% of lung cancers are estimated to be from radon exposure, resulting more than 3,200 deaths in Canada each year. People who smoke and are exposed to radon have an even higher risk of lung cancer. The health risk from radon is long-term not immediate. The longer you are exposed to high levels of radon, the greater your risk.

Benefits of an HMP Home Inspection

We are here to assist buyers, sellers, and owners with acquiring the necessary information and knowledge to evaluate the current conditions of the property. This process is intended to provide the client with a better understanding of the physical condition of the property. HMP Home Inspections is here to work with you.

Horizon PDF Report Included

Every home inspection performed by HMP Home Inspections will receive a fully featured Horizon PDF report complete with images taken from the inspection. It contains an informative summary of the entire inspection, with illustrations of the major house systems. Inspection reports written by HMP are easy to understand and are a very useful reference tool for future use.

Infrared Inspection Included

Our thermographic imagery inspections can help determine water infiltration, air leakage, and under-performing insulation that may be costing you hundreds of dollars in lost energy costs. Now, every home inspection provided by HMP Home Inspections includes the use and analysis of the powerful FLIR Infrared Imaging camera tool to help see what the naked eye can’t.

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