Tarion Inspections

What is Tarion?

Tarion warranty was formerly known as the Ontario New Home Warranty Program. It was created by the Government of Ontario in 1976 to administer the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. Its primary purpose is to protect consumers of new homes by ensuring that builders abide the provincial legislation.

HMP provides in-depth Tarion Inspections.

It is important to have an inspection completed before your 12-month builder’s warranty expires. A Tarion inspection ensures that your new home and investment are protected by documenting, reporting, and taking images of any deficiencies or problems that your builder is responsible for.

The builder does not always catch significant problems or underlying issues with your new home, and they may slip by municipal inspections as well. It’s imperative that you have a professional home inspector on your side to help protect your home and investment. HMP Home Inspections knows what to look for, where to look, and how to remedy the problem before your warranty expires.

Having your new home inspected by HMP within the first 30 days is recommended as we can find issues that are currently present, and view warning signs of future problems that may arise. Alternatively, having an inspection completed before your warranty expires (around 11 months after taking possession of the home) is recommended.

Benefits of an HMP Home Inspection

We are here to assist buyers, sellers, and owners with acquiring the necessary information and knowledge to evaluate the current conditions of the property. This process is intended to provide the client with a better understanding of the physical condition of the property. HMP Home Inspections is here to work with you.

Horizon PDF Report Included

Every home inspection performed by HMP Home Inspections will receive a fully featured Horizon PDF report complete with images taken from the inspection. It contains an informative summary of the entire inspection, with illustrations of the major house systems. Inspection reports written by HMP are easy to understand and are a very useful reference tool for future use.

Infrared Inspection Included

Our thermographic imagery inspections can help determine water infiltration, air leakage, and under-performing insulation that may be costing you hundreds of dollars in lost energy costs. Now, every home inspection provided by HMP Home Inspections includes the use and analysis of the powerful FLIR Infrared Imaging camera tool to help see what the naked eye can’t.

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